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Under the label NOISE Films, director and VFX artist Julian Ticona Cuba combines his skills in directing and visual effects.

Based on more than ten years of experience as a visual effects artist and designer he worked for major companies such as Audi,BMW, L’Oreal and Universal Music, before he founded NOISE films in 2013 in order to combine this experience with his passion for directing.
As a Director and Compositing Artist, Julian provides the requisite imagination it takes to devise visual effects with real footage and converts his ideas with an expert team of 3D artists and motion designers.

VFX Effekt aus dem Video Sooner or Later


  • Winner - Firstglance Hollywood - 2011
  • Winner - Eyes & Ears of Europe - 2011
  • Winner - Video of the Day - 2015
  • Winner - Orson Welles Award - 2015
  • Winner - Video of the Day - 2018
  • Winner - Top Shorts, Best Microfilm - 2018


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